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What To Expect


By now you have seen that The Estate Planning Law Group is something special, and because you love your family, you know your family deserves the kind of protection and guidance we provide. It is important that you know how we work, because we do things a bit differently at The Estate Planning Law Group than at other law firms. That is why our clients love us so much!

What to Expect When You Work Us


Working With Our Firm

Everything we do at our firm is designed to ensure that your plan is implemented and your family protected as quickly as possible—usually within four weeks of your initial meeting with one of our attorneys. Whether you come to our firm through a referral from a satisfied client, a professional advisor, attendance at a seminar or workshop, or from reading about us on our website, the first step is to call our office and schedule an initial meeting with an attorney.


New Client Welcome Package

Once your meeting is scheduled, our staff will send you a “New Client Welcome Package,” which includes a Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment, biographical information, directions to the firm, our fee schedule, requests for financial documents, and other information about the firm.


Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment

Take some time to go over your Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment. It will help clarify some of the goals that you want to achieve during the planning process. If you are working with a financial advisor, he or she can help you put together the necessary information. Most of the advisors we work with are very familiar with our new client process and are more than willing to help move the process along.

Once you have completed your Family Wealth Inventory and Assessment, please fax or send it to our office prior to the initial meeting. Prior to the initial meeting, we would like to review your Inventory and Assessment to make sure that we are prepared and can provide you with the most value during the initial meeting.


Initial Meeting

At the initial meeting be sure to bring the financial documents that were requested in the “New Client Welcome Package.” We will review your personal information and give you a chance to teach us about your family. We will also explain what would happen to your assets under your current plan, if you should become mentally incapacitated or die. Finally, we will provide additional information about the firm and answer any of your questions about the planning process.


Plan Design

If it looks like there is a good fit, we can design a plan right away that will protect you and your family. In some cases, our new clients want to schedule a second meeting to design a plan; however, many of our clients want to get a plan in place as quickly as possible. We understand that you are busy and will do everything we can to assist you in making the decisions you need to make to protect yourself and your family.

At the end of the design meeting (whether it is combined with the initial meeting or scheduled as a second meeting), we will review your asset information and financial statements to make sure that we have the information we need to make certain your plan works for a lifetime.


Signing Meeting

Once your plan is designed, we will schedule a signing meeting about four weeks later. During that time, we will be in touch with you about the details of your plan, and our Trust Funding Coordinator will ensure proper asset ownership.

Expect to spend about two to three hours at your signing meeting. We will engage in a thorough review of your documents and make sure that we answer all of your questions. After signing, our Funding Coordinator will explain asset ownership. At that time, we will prepare your Estate Planning Portfolio and scan your documents on to a thumb drive for you to take home with you the same day.



Once your plan is completed, you will be enrolled in our membership program—the Family Lifetime Planning Process™. With ongoing updates and maintenance of your plan, your plan will be sure to work for a lifetime.

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